Thursday, August 20, 2009



day 4

whenever i deal with this type of class with computers i found myself humbled because of all the info i just don't know it is important for me to try to keep up to speed with all the new tech but sometimes i just get overwhelmed i try to filter out the info i will not use during the school year and focus on what will make me a better teacher

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




my delicious experience

I found that using the tags was interesting because of who else might be involve with the same type of web sites or other interesting ideas that i could explore it just gives me another avenue for more info

day 3 overload

As we enter the third day of this class it is quite apparent to me of how much I need to know about the world of cyberspace it is quite overwhelming like everything i would imagination that practice makes perfect but what it the best way to accomplish this concept of practice is it just seat time with the computer in front of me because that is very difficult during the school year with the classes that I teach just wondering?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

day2 thoughts and reflections

I am feeling a little more comfortable with this concept the google reader will be very much a positive influence on my planning out lessons plans especially for research projects this experience today is allowing me to become more computer friendly I did get a great response from steve on energy drinks which i can use in my nutrition unit
Continue on with expanding my knowledge of the web tools that are available to us -- with the basic concept to improve my computer ability

Monday, August 17, 2009

opinion - blogging

The major problem with blogging to me is that what is the background of the blogger. How experienced or well versed in the subject area is the the person in cyberspace giving all of these thoughts and opinions. I sometimes feel that I need to filter some of the info that i read on the blogs but how many people take what is written as gospel and form their opinion from that info which may or may not be factual.