Monday, August 17, 2009

opinion - blogging

The major problem with blogging to me is that what is the background of the blogger. How experienced or well versed in the subject area is the the person in cyberspace giving all of these thoughts and opinions. I sometimes feel that I need to filter some of the info that i read on the blogs but how many people take what is written as gospel and form their opinion from that info which may or may not be factual.


  1. It would be nice to know where the information is coming from, and what leg the writer has to stand on.

    It is important take into consideration that the blogger is mostly putting their ideas out there, and that a blog is like a conversation . . . you can refer to something that you read, but mostly the blog is a conversation that involves your opinion of the subject matter.

  2. I agree that many blogs seem to be conversations with lots of opinions, but I know there is a huge range out there and there are many blogs filled with tremendously useful, accurate information. Again, we get to the four letter word....TIME. There is not always enough time for us personally or in the classroom to do the checking that is necessary to evaluate the information we find. Maybe we just need to do less, but do it better!

  3. One way to check the credibility of a blog and its author is to dig through that blog. People with great ideas typically are pretty prolific when it comes to sharing them. Those blogs that have posts that are 2 or 3 months apart usually are from folks who aren't as serious about their subject - or maybe are just too busy. I've found the best thinkers share their thoughts on a big scale.