Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Using would benefit me more i think with my involvement in the coaching ranks than with the class room with a website totally dedicated to our baseball program we could get out a great deal of useful information that would not only benefit the players but also the parents as well as the baseball community With our strong booster organization we are always looking for ways to get out the information about fund raisers , schedules, special events etc what better way than a website totally dedicated to your particular team or sport I found that the more more I did the web design the better I got at designing what I wanted but still a far way from what I would use to promote our program I still need someone with some web design experience to give me some help

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  1. No question a website would benefit any team. Setting up all the info everyone needs to have there is the way to go. You can post pics (with permission) and links to websites that would be helpful to kids and parents. Worth the time.